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Centennial Hall (550 Wellington St, London ON)

Saturday February 24th - 11am to 7pm
Instagram: @heatwaveexpo
Facebook: @hotsauceexpo


HEATWAVE is the largest gathering of Hot Sauce Creators in Canada featuring Spicy Food Competitions, Bangin Tunes, Delicious Food and Ice Cold Beers it's definitely the place to be!

Every Sauce Crafter has their FIREY products on hand so you can stock up on your favorites, and free samples for those looking to try a new flavour or test their limits.

The sauces at Heatwave range from mild to Xtreme - and all of them are wicked tasty.

These sauces are made by folks that know their way around a kitchen. You will taste a range of flavours that go from sweet and savoury to kick you in the teeth hot, and all made from original recipes.

Only at Heatwave can you sample them all - before your head totally explodes from the heat ! Get on it !

Be sure to buy some chicken wings, vegan wings, or more fresh food optioins on hand to dab that tasty hot sauce on when you go around sampling - and be sure to buy a bottle or twelve - cause enough is never enough!

And quench that burning fire inside you with an ice cold beverage from the bar - it's gonna be needed!

Our fan favourite spicy contests will be returning as well in the DAWSON'S HOT SAUCE RING OF FIRE~ ! Watch the action and cheer on your favourite contestants as they put it all on the line. And, if you have the mouth for it, you should enter a contest to test your taste buds and win some prizes too.

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All items are non-refundable under any circumstances.